Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Who am I? (Part III)

Well, this particular post may turn out to be rather heavy and philosophical. One of the reasons is, I have been reading Gitanjali. But then, there are many other reasons too.

Talking of God, I remember the quote by maraaThi Jnanapeetha awardee poet V V Shirwadkar. He was asked, sir do you believe in God? His answer could be termed as rather diplomatic, but I liked it all the same. He said, I think God is there for those who need Him. Now, whether you feel the need for God or not is one's own judgment. And there is no right or wrong answer there.

To me, God is a concept, which is similar to that of mind. We can't be sure where mind is, but then we know that it is. We could come up with most sophisticated scientific experiments to prove one way or the other, but eventually, it's us who have to believe in the outcomes! Again, there is no right answer there.

I kind-of believe in some entity X, widely called God, perhaps a very complex, time-varying mathematical function that controls the behaviour of astronomically huge variables, collectively called as Life. And what fun! I am part of the same system.

And therefore, I guess, I am also a part of that function called, God. And therefore couldn't agree more to Rabindranath Tagore's lines-
My eyes strayed far and wide before I shut them and said 'Here
art thou!'
In passing, your God will be as good as you are!
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