Monday, June 12, 2006

Who am I? (Part II)

It was not many days ago, that I wrote this post. I admire the sheer greatness of Rabindranath Tagore, and his control over the words. Today, I received an email, which reads something like this: (translated from Marathi)

They say once upon a time Man had divine powers.
Unfortunately he used it for wrong purposes.
The Creator God was disappointed and angry at his Creation.
He decided He had enough of it and thought he would take away the powers from Man and hide those somewhere.

There was a debate between Gods.
"Let's bury these powers deep in the hell,"
The Creator God said, "No- out of curiosity Man will go there and eventually find that out,"
"How about dumping those at the deep end of ocean?" a few others suggested.
"No, Man is intelligent, one day or the other, he will dive deep there too, and it's no secret that he likes to take to the sky,"
These realities were discouraging to all the Gods. "What to do now?" they again asked the Creator God.

Creator God was deep in His own thought.
"How about this?" he asked,
"Let's keep them hidden inside the self of the Man himself"
"I think even if he will never think of this as a probability. And even if he does, he will find it too uninteresting to do,"
All the Gods unanimously agreed to this thought.
And then the Creator God implemented this.

The Man has, since then left no stone unmoved on Earth. He reached the bottom of deepest of the oceans, took to the skies and stepped on the Moon.

But has not been able to find his own self...

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