Monday, June 12, 2006

England 1 : Paraguay 0

The match had the flair. The match had the energy, although it kind of waned away towards the end. Paraguay couldn't have asked for a poorer start than they had to the match. An own-goal tragic situation was even more worsened by injury to the goal-keeper; leaving only two substitution options to the coach.

England, however, can not show the complacency in attack as they showed in the second half. They were content at having scored one goal and trying to defend too hard than was necessary against this opponent. If everything had gone parallel to my wish, we should have got an approximate scoreline of 2/3-0.

Looking forward to June 15 match, when the whites meet Trinidad and Tobago; a team that has shown so much of grit, courage and skill to keep Sweden at bay.

Go England, go!

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