Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oh you are not?

This statement by Rahul Mahajan does not surprise me.

Weren't we all like that when we were kids?

Well, I was, to be honest! We would play cricket forever at a place in proximity of a lot of houses. With houses, come their windows, and with windows come glass panes. The cricket ball having the virtue of hardness, when hit with enough force would penetrate the window panes shattering the glass.

The kids would flee. I would flee; leaving no evidence back. After some time, I would go to the house and ask for the ball! The owner aunty would raise hail on my having broken the glass for the third time in five months. I would plead not guilty - "I did not break the glass." I am innocent!

Although my crime would be evident, I would still get away with it. Childhood is like that. Sweet!

But is the life, in general, like that? Well, had it been a matter of shattered window pane, I would not even bother writing all this. A man is dead, the younger one has spent some time at the hospital battling for life, all due to drugs.

...and after coming safe out of the hospital, this guy is claiming innocence.

It takes some courage to do so, and guess we should admire him for that!

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