Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The countdown to the greatest sporting event on the planet begins. The reader might be wondering if this post has come very late, since the FIFA WC has already begun.

No. This post is right on-time. As, it's 10 days to go for Le Tour de France.

Although Le Tour can never be the same as it has been for the past seven years, I find it to be the most intriguing sport. I am positively hoping the Lance will be there as a commentator to share his passion of the race.

I still remember the 2003 race, which saw so many crashes and bruises. In one of the Alpine stages, Lance was brought down (unintentionally, hopefully) by a standing spectator. It was raining, in the Alps and it was a tough stage. More so, Lance was a trailing a bit.

A very subtle brush with the passenger sent his bike off-balance and he crashed. With blood coming out of his bruised elbows, anybody would have let out unspeakable curses and kicked at the damaged bike before giving up. Lance did not. He picked up his bike, if I remember correctly, replaced the deformed wheel, and set off for the peak.

The mistake was not his. But the victory was going to be his. Within a ten minutes or so, he had built a healthy lead over his competition. Whether it was the rain blocking his path or the constant perspiration that was de-hydrating him, he could not care less.

At each bump I may come across in life, Lance will remain my inspiration. And the incident I described was the only one incident that showed a great character. There are infinitely many!

Lance Armstrong is my favourite athlete and well, THE role model. Read my poem, To Lance! To Life! if you will.

Not many tales are around, not even imaginary, or true,
that sing of courage, belief, and brim with determination,
From yours, if one may, there is so much to learn
How true! The meaning of life is not only to survive.
To Lance! To Life!
Viva Le Tour!

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