Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Customer Orientation

Whether Customer Orientation be formulated to be one of the values of your organization or not, customer is/should be the focus of any organization that desires to succeed.

Talking of the best example of customer orientation, auto-rikshaw driver comes to my mind immediately. The designers of this three-wheeled vehicle have given it tremendous maneuvering capabilities and a skilled auto-driver uses it to its maximum.

Imagine you're driving a car which is just behind an auto. You're driving it at a nice and steady speed, and suddenly you spot the auto has taken an amazing U-turn right in front of you to its left. You wonder what made the auto driver to do that, and you realize it's a customer. This, no doubt, can be termed Customer Orientation at its majestic best!

Talking of auto, and the notoriety of the same for other drivers on the road, I do believe that the name 'auto' suits the vehicle best. The auto driver hardly shows any traces of manual control over the vehicle!

Here is my old article on auto mode.

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