Friday, April 27, 2007

Say Cheese

Our manager took us out for dinner to celebrate a recent project's success. This success would soon creep into the laptop market and if you're ready to spend that extra dollar, I may get a chance to take pride in saying a few hundreds of transistors inside your laptop were arranged by me!

Anyway, that's besides the point.

The dinner was delicious (and for spiritual colleagues of mine, it should have been extremely heavenly as well). Although most of the names on the menu-card could not be pronounced we made use of the italics below name that described in English what the dish was all about. The Italian mood (if there is anything like that) was created through next-to-silent, nondescript violin playing on the stereo.

The starters that included a Salmon salad dish, I thought, were a little bland. As a matter of fact I have always thought that Italian food was a little bland to my Indian taste-buds. We decided not to take much risk and ordered one pizza and one non-pronounceable dish. Both were delicious. With ample quantities of cheese, the taste was rich (and obviously as it happens in a 'big' restaurant, quantity too poor). The cheese readily did the job of satisfying our appetite quickly and if it was not for our drinking colleagues, we would have been done within an hour or so.

At the end of it I was rather exhausted with all that cheese (and a colleague ordered extra cheese-dip!). The chocolate trio to conclude a nice dinner was excellent too. It was something like a pastry but not quite pastry, something like pudding but not quite pudding, and something like this but not quite that kind of affair. So, finally I decided to call it by its proper noun: The Chocolate Trio. Whatever it was, its memories are deeply carved in my heart and its mouth watering taste can not be forgotten, and it would be revived through a new experience!

As we requested the waiter (no trace of Italian in his accent - I thought he referred to us as, saar) to take a group photograph, I was afraid he would ask us to "say cheese," and I would have to turn down his offer! He had missed the chance to impress me by tinkling my literary senses, and we finally bid good night to the ristorante.

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Anonymous said...

Good one Saar... :)
Cheese, far wapartat.. jikde tikde cheese, spaghetti, pizza, fish, pashta aani vegvegale prakarche cheese.. aaplyala loni aani dahi khaychi saway asate.. aamchya ikde sanglila cheese wagaire kadhich khalle navate mi .. pan aajkal navilaj mhanun khato.. ;)