Friday, February 10, 2006


If you are a fuel-aware rider/car driver, here is my tip to success.

As you ride, set the driving to an auto mode. By auto mode, I mean, locate an auto rickshaw and don't let go of it. Keep following, you are assured to reap rich benefits out of it in terms of-

1. Fuel efficiency - The auto driver has already acquired the skill of switching off the auto's engine for an optimum amount of time when it is stranded at a traffic light.
2. Pot-hole free, shortest path - Auto driver further tries to increase (his) benefit by taking the shortest route. He tries to avoid pot-holes on the way, not out of sympathy towards the passenger, but more from his vehicles' health perspective.
3. Safety - In case of any altercation on the road, hang on to the auto-driver's word. He rules the road, and it pays to follow the ruler during such incidents.
4. Auto-mode - Avoids burning of neurons on the road. Just follow the auto-driver and you are spared all the (useless) thinking process when on road.

Hope this provides a useful guideline. Any cross-thoughts on this?

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