Friday, February 10, 2006

Speling Misteks

Our office has a beautiful campus [from outside ;)] . And one can see numerous signboards everywhere - giving out directions to the buildings, pointing to the parking lots, declaring what the red soil on the side of the road is (well, it is red soil sign-board!), and of course, the speed limit which is set at 15kms.

So ironically, what of it if we make world's fastest (?) processors, when you enter the campus, you need to slow down. I don't mind that - it gives some time to look at the lush green lawns and some colourful flowers along the way.

In this slow-motion journey, some of the signboards attract my attention, and an instant later, achieve a smile on my face.

"This lawn is moved recently. We regret for the [poor] appearance", where I guess the painter forgot one of the two v's that make one w.

or, this one -

"Keep of the lawn". I smile and say, keep what of the lawn? These painter guys have their own compression algorithm it seems - whenever they see a repetition, they apply the run-length algorithm and cut down one of the repeated leters[sic].

Real tech-savy[sic] should I hail my organisation!

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