Monday, February 13, 2006

The River

I was having this interesting discussion with two of my colleagues. Both these guys are from Andhra Pradesh. After the initial greetings, they asked me about my native place. And what better way than to boast that the Godavari (which flows through Andhra) river starts from my native town!

And then the discussion proceeded to where exactly is this place where first water appears. It amused me that these guys couldn't believe that River Godavari actually starts in the form of trifle drops on atop a medium sized hill. And then when I explained them, how the water first appears on the other side of the mountain, falls in the valley and reappears on the other side, they were even more surprised. So, essentially, we have two starting places for Godavari, I exclaimed and stopped.

I thought their amusement at this was not at all inexplicable, I would be just amazed as much, if I was told that this tiny stream that starts with a few drops of water becomes a huge river that spans kilometers as its width.

Amusing are the ways of nature. And the natures of persons too :)

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