Thursday, February 09, 2006


There are n types of bugs possible in any piece of code. And the assumption that all bugs can be either fixed or waived is in itself buggy. I am a firm believer that all the bugs can never be cleaned.

Consider this (fool) proof -

A. Assumption : at least one bug exists at the start of the algorithm.
1. set i to 1.
2. Take bug number i. Clean it. In the process, make sure you don't create any bugs.
3. Check are all the bugs cleared?

(yes) - Are you sure that all the bugs are cleaned? How do you make sure of that? So, try finding the next bug. If you are pretty sure, (which can't be!), then this proof is wrong. I mean, there is a bug in the proof!
(no) - Find the next bug. Increment i. Go back to step 2.

So, now having proven that all bugs can not be cleaned, we should get ready to live with them, or get used to them. Here are some of the suggestions for you -

1. Dump your old, ugly scooter. Start commuting in a buggy.
2. Love Bug :)
3. Start communicating in this language.
4. Call your friends with an exclamation, hey (what else?) bugger!
5. Call this your holy river.

Read more about the bed-bug "epidemic" in Australia. It is really funny. Here, you may want to fill in the survey.

If you ask me what is my experience with bed-bugs, and I would say, well, I have lost sleep over this matter!. And if you want a real nasty remark about it, please write to me. I'll reply!

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