Thursday, December 21, 2006

A question of self reference

It is not very difficult to think of a question that has a sense of self reference. Coming up with a self referential answer can be tricky (and I am still trying to get better of that trick).

Anyway, the simplest question that I can think of is:
May I ask you a question?
If your answer is, yes: you are conceding that you haven't understood the question! See the emphasis below---
May I ask you a question?
By saying yes, you are allowing the questioner to ask another question, which he never intended to do.

If your answer is, no: you are done in again by the googly, for the questioner has already asked the question and done with it. A no, really doesn't mean anything.

If you decide to remain silent; the question is not answered anyway.

In my opinion, this is a question that really has no answer!

Any takers for this hypothesis?

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Anonymous said...

how about "why not?"