Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The road less traveled

I wish I could take the road less traveled. No, not because I aim to achieve something great or anything like that, but I, at times, get tired of the traffic!

But then I have my own ways of passing time on the road. Especially in the evening when I return from office. They say that it's better to do one thing at a time, as it improves the efficiency, but I think it does not apply to a skill known as bike-riding. So, keeping one half of the brain concentrated on driving and associated obstacles, I use the other half to relax.

I sing!

Though I do not have a great voice, I make up for it with my desire to learn. I wish I had learnt this skill when I had the voice and age- but then there is little point in cribbing over the past. So, I sing. Not in too loud a voice as to attract the fellow riders' attention, but loud enough so that I am clearly audible to myself. There is no accompaniment except for the engine's rhythm and honking of other vehicles. But that's not required for me. I don't need no accompaniment.

The reader may be wondering if I get away with such a crime of singing in public. Well, really I don't care. And, by the way, wearing a helmet helps with this too...

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