Thursday, June 22, 2006

PlayerWatch: Ivan Basso (ITA)

I admire Italians for their cycling skills. On a lighter vein, it is no surprise that this great movie was made in Italian!

When Lance Armstrong was ruling the roads of France and especially the Alpine climbs, he saw rise and fall of many a worthy competitors. If one looks at the record of Ivan Basso, one can conclude only one thing: He is improving by year. Year 2005, he came second to Lance. Year 2005, he came third. Year 2003: position seven. Year 2002 he finished eleventh.

Over the last couple of years if there has been any strong competitor or rather, threat to Lance's kingdom, it was Ivan Basso, who valiantly rode side-by-side with him in most of the Alpine stages. Team CSC to which Ivan belongs, has certainly a good chance in this year's Tour.

So, if you ask me to complete the series: ...,11,7,3,2, ___?

I am ready to bet my money on position #1 this year for Ivan Basso. With team-mates like Jen Voight, Bobby Julich and David Zabreskie, it should be even more fun!

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