Friday, June 23, 2006

Match the following!

Hello, good afternoon Sir, I am Rekha calling from ICICI.
Hello? Oh, is it? You have another salesman on hold on your desk phone?
Hello good afternoon, is this miss Ajit?
Hellllllloooooo? Hello.........? This is Uma from HSBC Personal Loans---
Hello? This is personal loans speaking. Are you interested in me?
Hello! Sorry to disturb you sir, but are you married?
Hello? Are you busy? Oh, please call me back once you are done.
Hello? Whhhatttt? You are not interested in personal loans? Why, sir?
Hello, umm, is this not Mr. Ajit?
Hello good morning, am I speaking to Mr. umm. Ajit?
Hello Saar! Did you register yourself for housing loan?
Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? (click)
Hello. We want to give a bonus credit card to your son. Can I have his full name?
Hello? What?? You mean you are working now?
Hello, good evening Sir, I am Pushpa calling from HSBC...
Hello saar, where have you been? I left a voice message for you three weeks ago...
Hello, can you not fax me your salary slip and bank accounts statement?
Hello sir, Hello? Hello? The voice is cracking sir. Which cell-phone do you own?


Hello. No, sorry I can't speak now, my boss is here. Is yours not?
Hello, No, sorry, I have enough money. Thank you.
Hello. So sorry dear, but I am not interested.
Hello. You'll have to wait for twenty five years.
Hello. Yeah, I have a pathetic phone.
Hello. No, sorry I am not interesting -sorry- interested.
Hello. No, I told you, I have enough debts already.
Hello. Ok, I'll call you on your mobile once I am done with my meeting.
Hello. Nice. Your name is familiar.
Hello. No. Thanks and yeah, good night!
Hello, No, sorry I am not married.
Hello. No, my company doesn't pay me salary. They give me Gold bricks.
Hello. This is Ajit speaking from In Tale.
Hello. I am not busy at all. I was missing you honey!
Hello. I shall disclose that your father, not to you.
Hello. Yeah, I have been on vacation to Honoloulouloulou.
Hello. Yes, I am Mr. Ajit.
Hello. Yeah, I have a cracking voice.

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