Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Bangalore is never so hot in the month of May usually (for the past three-four years I have known, that is). It is true that we enjoy conditioned air, sitting in front of the computer, typing an occasional character, sipping nice hot tea, and are mostly unaware of what is happening outside. Sitting inside in such a manner, the only contact to the world is electronically controlled, whether it be the telephone or the internet. It's kind of exciting and at the same time, bit disappointing for me.

People have weather forecast tickers/banners on their websites, which are getting updated by the passing hour. I prefer looking out of the window once in a while. And when the Bangalore weather changes, I know it, kind of sixth sense tells me that.

The moods, like the weather are changing- fluctuating might be an appropriate word. There are tensions, frustrations, pressures, and what not, which, as they say, is part of the game. But nothing pleases me more than walking down the staircase, with sort of tired mind and a thirst of hot coffee to restore the mood, and then I see that it's dark outside. Not because it is late, but because the clouds are gathered covering the fiery Sun. Suddenly, the mind takes a leap, things fall in place, and even before the hot coffee pleases my taste-buds, my mood is restored. The life seems as easy and cheerful as ever.

And I decide to write about it straightaway!

Such is the power of weather...

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