Sunday, April 09, 2006

That's cricket

Three readings on cricket on a single day, and how very contrasting!

At Fatullah the minnows Bangladesh have defied the World Champions Australia to score 355 in a single day. A spirited batting display by Shariar Nafees helped the hosts amass a total that can be certainly called competitive, considering they are playing the world champs. This sparkling display has come within a couple of days after Ricky Ponting backed Bagladesh's status as a Test Cricket playing nation.


At Guwahati's Nehru Stadium the so-called Indian cricket fans ran havoc and displayed destructive traits by setting the TV cameras on fire. It was certainly disappointing that the match got abandoned due to wet outfield, but it was beyond human control. What could have been under human control was patience, which the fans seemed to lack.

Really, a sad day for the game of Cricket. Or, rather the Indian Cricket Viewership.

Came across a wonderful quote on Cricket by the great hockey full-back Aslam Sher Khan.
In spite of the intense cricketing fervour in the country, I have always hated it, not only for the man-hours it wastes but for its narrow objective. It is a lousy game in which everybody on the field aspires and makes effort to get one man out. Even while he is batting in the inclement weather. This cricketing trait has imprinted itself on the national mosaic and signs of it are visible in every profession, occupation and business.
Now, although I don't agree with Cricket being called "the most lousy sport," I kind of agree with the other observation.

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