Friday, April 07, 2006

Good Old Tree

An old, dry tree's skeleton,
Extends its branch to the Sun -
in search of a shower.

On our way to the peak of Kumar Parvat, we came across this tree. It was the most difficult time of the trek, with the Sun spitting out fire at us, with no visible shade along the way. This particular tree caught my attention, and without any delay I captured it in my camera. We didn't stop there to ask the tree about its well being or not, as we had to move on, quickly. Now, after returning to the comfort of the air-conditioned office space, when I look at the photo again, I feel very sad for the tree. The photo in itself, I think, has come out very well. It captures the sun and the overall hot atmosphere, and perhaps the tired mood the trekkers too.

The point is, we passed on, reached the peak ultimately, returned home with all those fond memories. And left the tree back there under the furious Sun.

Well, anyway, we have the photo, that will always remind us of the tough time we had during that one-hour-odd period!

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