Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I do not know if it is the human attitude to always talk of with the winner or it is the media that tries to create news that more people would like to read. Or, maybe it is both. Or, maybe the latter is the effect of the former. Or, maybe, it's not true at all. Or, maybe it is, after all, natural. I do not quite know.

But the reader must be wondering, what is this all about?

It is about this particular test match being played between Bangladesh and Australia. Australians, no doubt, have performed below their capacity.


Bangladesh deserves full marks for a spirited display. It is still anybody's test match. And, yes, I am supporting Bangladesh!

The reason behind the paragraph (1) above was the media coverage Australia have managed to get out of this. The Australian newspapers' headlines are shouting "Pathetic," and similar expressions. I am sure they are frustrated with the new kid's heart-winning performance, but somehow are not quite open in congratulating them.

That's why I am wondering what is it? Is it the human attitude of always speaking of the winner, or, ...?

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