Thursday, April 13, 2006

Self Reference in Action

Today we are advised to work from home (because of tension in the Bangalore City etc.)

Therefore, obviously, there is a high load on the servers that accept the working-from-home connections. Apparently, many employees have been facing "issues" in connecting to office. In order to solve this problem, they opened up more tunnels (meaning more bandwidth and less issues) and sent a mail declaring so.

Now, given that the network is the only source of information passing, this email will not reach the users, and the users won't be able to access the alternate tunnel (... and read the e-mail). This is a classic example of dead-lock in action!

Another example of this can be found in Pressure Cookers - the instructions on how to open the pressure cooker lid are embossed on the inner side of lid itself!

That reminds me of another memory -
My cousin sister was around 2 years old - and I was I think 15-16 years then. When I used to tell her to tell me her secret in my ear, she would move close to me and bring her ear close to mine :-)

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