Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Good afternoon sir!

It's about three-forty-five in the afternoon. The day has been hectic so far. There are many things that don't work, and sadly, only a few that work are not so significant. I am trying my best to get something up and working. I am engrossed in my thought. The data structure of the program is almost re-created in my own physical memory. I am keeping track of things as they are being linked to each other. I am completely lost in my thought process.

And suddenly...suddenly it rings. The ever sweet ring-tone of my desk phone sounds so irritating at such times. The data structure in my head is a bit shaken but not broken. Well, not yet.

I reluctantly look at the display of the phone which shows an unknown external number. Why on earth did this person have to call me at this time? I shrug off this natural thought and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" I fail to keep my irritation away from appearing in the greeting.

"Hello! Am I speaking with Mr. umm. err. Ajit?" A lady answers my greeting. I fail to sense a trace of sweetness in her voice, if any.

"......Yeah......" I am still trying to link my broken data structure. I try to buy some time by applying a longish pause. I just hope this lady doesn't interpret it as if I have a lot of time.

"Mr. Ajit. Good afternoon. I am calling from ICICI bank." Oh no, not again!

"Yeah" I want to keep this short. In reality I want to hang up on her right away, but alas! I keep the line alive.

"Sorry for disturbing you sir, I just wanted to know if you hold an ICICI bank credit card Mr Ajit?" I have had enough. I have received such a call at least six times before. They just call and ask if I hold a credit card or not. I am convinced they know I hold one.

"Yeah. I do." I have almost lost my data structure by now.

"Thank you sir, have a nice day!" And now she hangs up on me! How's that for a good afternoon?

I am sure this is a common incident in all the IT offices around here. I remember an interesting story from my earlier organisation:

Apparently there was an important meeting going on in the office. Some major decisions were to be taken after a long discussion. All the big-shots were present for the meeting. In between the phone rang-

"Sir I am calling from one of the banks around here sir, would you like to go for a free credit card sir?"

And the conference room erupted into huge laughter.

TRING TRING. Oh no! Not again...

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