Sunday, August 21, 2005

Into the rain

It is evening. It is almost dark. Clouds gather over the endless sky. Sun is about to set. Every instant more colours are spilled on the canvas. Such a wonderful day it has been. It sure deserves more colours than these.

Far away on the skyline, a big aeroplane is slowly moving towards the airstrip. The clouds are hardly visible far away : taller buildings are hiding the view.Black smoke is continuously coming out of a chimney on a huge building nearby.

The day has passed. The day of many small tasks. Even trivial ones. Exciting moments, enlightening moments. Moments of success, of failures too. A day that has passed has brought in so many new experiences.

The lawns outside look fresh. It is only in the morning and evening that they see so many people. Green colour looks cheerful. A light drizzle half an hour ago has woken the grass, and it is twinkling with the droplets.

I am thinking.

I am enjoying.

I am speculating.

I am happy.

A sense of comfort is all over me. I am somebody now. In the workplace. And of course, outside. The confidence is showing. It is almost dark now, but very much lighted inside.

The golden lining is evident. But is the cloud really dark? Not at all.

The skyline is overcast. I look at my office buildings. It looks incredible. Two beautiful buildings. The flowers and lawns around them. It's all bright lights inside the office. Through the tinted window panes, I see twinkling lights. Upon the dark sky, the sight is overwhelming.

I want rain now.

The bus starts. Takes me into the rain.

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