Friday, June 24, 2005

Fermat's Theorem

The viva-voce for the final year project was over. It went remarkably well. The fears were on the rise since yesterday, as two-three batches were blasted regarding the reports and project work's immaturity (at least they thought so). Our batch performed well, and even invited a comment on the project report, "I must say, the project report is very well written". And we knew we would be spared all the hardships.

During the pre-viva meetings with our guide, I had mentioned about not being perfectly prepared at the whole mathematics behind our project. "Sir, will they ask mathematical proofs during the viva?" I asked. "No, actually you can divert the topic of discussion to what you are comfortable at, if you can do that skillfully," he said.

... and ...

"Regarding rigorous mathematics, I don't think they will ask you to prove Fermat's theorem..."

I was awestruck and couldn't help smiling! Fermat's Last theorem was proved after three centuries of hard work through efforts of the entire mathematicians' world.

And fortunately they didn't ask me to prove it for them. The requirements of M Tech graduation are almost over now, and I can now mention, Ajit Oke, M Tech, as my name safely :)

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