Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rain, rain don't go away!

Today is the eleventh day of the month of May. If I may add, this is supposed to be summer in the whole of India, but not here in Bangalore. It has been drizzling lazily since the early morning. The droplets tickling against my face woke me up very early, and I couldn't believe it's raining. It always rains in the evenings here. Guess, today is different. Surely it has taken out all the heat of the summer that was looking dangerous a few weeks ago.

As I look forward to my journey home, I get shivers, for it would be very hot out there in Maharashtra this time of the year. There is no heat control system as we have it here- every now and then when the temperature rises above comfort levels, the rain starts to bring it down to the set levels. It is failsafe, or at least has been so since I am around in Bangalore.

As the rain continues throughout the 'summer', IISc remains lush green throughout the year. Once the rain has stopped, the water in the leaves starts its journey downwards. They say, IISc rains after the rains have stopped. I would add : IISc reigns after the rains have stopped...

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