Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Problems... problems...

A problem is at the peak of its beauty when one is not able to solve it. Once it is solved, it looks so simple and ordinary? Perhaps, the answer steals all the beauty from the problem then.

The problem that we♪ are trying to solve looks so easy. We are even able to define the problem very elaborately, and during these definitive discussions, many concepts are made clear. But what eludes us is the answer. Not only we have understood the problem perfectly, but we know ways arriving at the answer; yet, we are not at all clear as to how to go about it!

Yet we know that this is the last mile, before we finish our journey of the project work, and in effect, of the Master's degree. And obviously, that's why it is taking so long. Seems like the problem has decided to make a permanent impression.

Fine. We are ready for it; for a problem can only be beautiful...


♪ : Myself and my project-mate

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