Monday, May 17, 2004

You are my Sonia!

You are my Sonia!

Since May the 13th, the good old topic of debate : Sonia's non-indianness , has been a famous topic of debates ( and less of discussion ). I think people are more shocked and irritated at Vajpayee not being able to continue in office than being awed by unprecedented victory of "under-dogs" congress and the left front.

So many issues, right from Her not accepting indian nationality till Rajiv was sworn-in as the prime minister to (unbelieveably stupud) misgivings about Her "stealing" the national secrets and persuing Italian interests, have been floating around various e-mails. Really speaking, I pity the authors.

It has been a majority vote for her and BJP is not at all justified in opposing the election of Sonia Gandhi as the CPP leader and prime-ministerial candidate. The largest democracy in the world has been famous for bringing about drastic changes in the political arena. Perhaps, it was just about the right time to suppress the RSS oriented wave and still continue along the progressive paths.

Gaurav has written a very entertaining comparison between the Elections 2004 and Indian Cricket team's tour Down Under. As he writes, like Sourav Ganguly, Sonia also has her task cut out for her : To guide Team India to victories more consistently.

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