Wednesday, May 19, 2004

You Are My Soina (II)

You Are My Sonia (II)

The indian political scene took an exciting turn as Mrs Sonia Gandhi declined to be the Prime Minister of India. Tremendous pressure ( interestingly, from both the sides ) was clearly seen on her face as she started her talk. Now that it is clear that she is not going to be the next PM, BJP is left with virtually nothing to shout about. I would say, it has turned out to be a smarter move than was apparent considering the emotions behind the decision.

Dr Manmohan Singh the brain behind the 1992 opening-up of economy is tipped to be the PM in wings. A highly qualified (at least from academics point of view, if not political) personality should bring the highly seeked-after stability in progress, suppressing the "hindutva" wave.

Sometimes, I feel, why I am not being proud to be a Hindu ? It is not like I am not, but it really is not a matter of showing off. I never have believed that Rama existed, and always wanted to look at the Ramayana as a great novel to learn from. Same for the Mahabharatha. And therefore question of building Rama temple at the so-called ramajanmbhoomi does not arise at all. Even though it is true that Babri masjid was constructed there ( and even if it might not be a conincidence that that place was selected ), it is not justified that the Masjid be demolished and a Mandir be built. Unfortunately, our legal system always gets into a catch when cases involving religion get admitted. Let alone the Rama Mandir, just consider a pavement make-shift temple (that is really a stone with garlands), which can not be moved or removed even if it is coming in the way of a wider road. In such cases the legal system just fails. No wonder the Rama Janmabhoomi issue is still pending. The case is worsened because of the fact that the governments are changing every five years, and there are different views on this.

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