Monday, May 10, 2004


After a dry run during the second semester at IISc, I missed movies the most, with only "Samay" and "JJWS" on the list. But I think I took good care of that during the last week.
Movies I watched over the last week :

01. KaNNaThhil Mutthamithal (Manirathnam, Tamil)
02. Satya (Ram Gopal Verma) 2nd time
03. Ek Haseena Thi (Ram Gopal Verma Production)
04. Life Is Beautiful (Roberto Beningni - nth time)
05. Paycheck (John Woo) Science fiction : Phillip K Dick
06. Murder (Vikram Bhat)
07. T2 (half-yet-again!)

And on the waiting list are :
01. Yuva
02. Cold Mountain
03. Chicago
04. Kill-Bill vol I and II
05. Captain Correlli's Mandolin
06. The Hours
07. Shwaas (maraaThii)


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