Thursday, April 29, 2004

Exams over : finally
This semester has been slightly unfair to me. In whatever subject I took interest in, the exam turned out to be quite difficult. Anyway, I learnt a lot in the process, which is what matters finally. The exam is virtually over for me, although there is one more paper left, and that is industrial design, which I have not liked at all. The course started off well but later turned out to be a disaster. And as the instructor himself told that the grades are going to be a random distribution, whatever interest was there, also went away.

"Digital Controller Design" exam was quite an experience. The exam started at 10 O'clock, and went on till 4:30 in the evening. The problem looked next to impossible for the first two hours of the exam, at which time Sir came and gave a hint. That made the problem difficult from impossible and somehow I managed to crack a part of it (at least, I think I have done it correctly). But as Sir put it in his words that " he would have felt sad if we had just given up on the problem and went home, good that we learnt something out of the exam in the end". That was a very good gesture towards the exam as such. I liked that.

Now the summer term with mini-projects awaits us, but not before we have enjoyed a short break at home. As seniors tell, summer term is fun : let me see how it turns out to be...

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