Friday, July 21, 2023


I am quite amazed to learn that in the US, shoulders are overrated. And I don't mean the cow's shoulders (which may as well be). I mean the shoulders of the road. There is a whole category of road signs relating to the shoulders. They are usually there; although I haven't quite experienced their utility, much to my relief. Yet, if there are any exceptions to this rule, the department of road-building sure makes a big deal out of it. They must literally be investigating the constitution of the shoulder (or lack thereof) and they do not leave any stone unturned to advertise about it at every few quarters of a mile until we pass them by (or don't).

I fail to understand this obsession. Narrow shoulder, rough shoulder, shoulder missing, extra wide shoulder, cold shoulder, shoulder may freeze, should may evaporate, and so on goes the signage. It is not as if one is going to stand on the shoulders of the road that the great workers of the past invented and progress much in the future. 

And when someone made a smart comment that he couldn't find neither arms nor head of the freeway, I had nothing but a shrug to offer.

Thursday, September 29, 2022


Some chits here, some chits there.
L'il notes scattered and lost forever.

Some scribbling of mediocre writing.
Letters uttered that meant really nothing.

Scraps of wrinkled paper.
Long bygone, and left - where?

Words that meant so much at the time.
Wondering, if those really were mine?

I wish I had left many such more ---
Only to discover over and over.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

A Stinky Joke

Joke of the day as told by my son (guess he made it on his own and not just quoted)

Q: How much money did the skunk spend at the mall?
A: one cent

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Home and the World

"I am willing," he said, "to serve my country; but my worship I reserve for Right which is far greater than my country. To worship my country as a god is to bring a curse upon it." - Nikhil
"And so I will bear what you people are pleased to call false witness, as they have done who have created empires, built up social systems, founded religious organizations. Those who would rule do not dread untruths; the shackles of truth are reserved for those who will fall under their sway. Have you not read history? Do you not know that in the immense cauldrons, where vast political developments are simmering, untruths are the main ingredients?" - Sandip
"My country does not become mine simply because it is the country of my birth. It becomes mine on the day when I am able to win it by force" - Sandip

Truth v/s the Reality, Heart v/s the Head, Intuition v/s insight, Home v/s the World - so many duels
The novel and movie is so relevant in these times (first published in 1915).
Satyajit Ray takes the novel to another level, another must watch (and not just watch, but the deep thought afterwards).

Book is available on Gutenberg/Amazon (free):

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Haikus stuck in traffic

Standstill traffic
Only one moves
Illegally; wrong way.

Sea of cars
as I brace
for the next pothole

I negotiate
Through the honks.
Smoke is suffocated.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


On this Diwali day, took the kids to the excellent HAL Museum.

The very moment we were inside, the kids were super excited. The excitement never vanished even after we left the museum some ninety minutes later.

I wish I could regain the ability to get excited like them :)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

In a futuristic scenario, there will be flying cars; and Bangalore's sky-roads will still have potholes!

It is unbelievable that humans are capable of such shoddy work when it comes to reparations.

Reason that intelligent alien life exists but is unlikely to contact us evident!

Monday, June 22, 2015

A dip to the past

The water is clear and moderately rapid in patches. The river is calm and quite welcoming. Almost asking me to give up fear and give in. I consider the jump for some time. Then I oblige after watching others taking a leap.

As I jump in the cool water, in the next couple of seconds the past flashes by. Water gushes into the eyes, ears and throat. Thoughts choke for a while, which seems like eternity. The life jacket pulls me up after more than eternity and I can breath again. I can resume thinking. I realize this is not the first time I have experienced it. I recall this from many years ago when I learnt to swim. Clear as sunlight.

I spend next thirty minutes reliving the experience. Trying to swim forward and backward. Letting the water into nostrils, allowing it to deafen me momentarily.

As I drag myself out, the chill brings me back to the present.

By and by it has been more than water therapy. It has been a ride to the past!
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


A warm welcome to 2015! Wish you all a very happy new year!!

There is a bigger question to answer in the new year - (hint: it's NOT from the following).
1. Will Ebola be eradicated?
2. Will ISIS be defeated?
3. Will India win the Cricket WC in Australia?
4. Will world economy grow faster, will India's grow even faster?
5. Will the extreme Right and Left moderate to harmony?
6. Will global warming cool down?

No sir, it's none of the above.

The bigger question to answer is not that small.

And now I give it to you:

***) Will Suranjan Das Road Bangalore be repaired after all?

I am even willing to start a Facebook page for it - will you Like it?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rhymes are (almost) always about falling

Considering the behaviour of children, it's no wonder that all their rhymes are about "bringing down" "falling" "washed out" and such.

Take the Humpty Dumpty. Take the London Bridge. Even in Ding Dong Bell, someone put the cat deep down a well.

Take Jack N Jill as another eample - they tumbled and fell all over, didn't they?

And now if you thought that Baba black sheep has nothing to do with another 'down', try singing it again. Where does the little boy live again?

It's such lovely destruction that keeps the kids excited!


Thursday, November 06, 2014


Let's play a game - call it blame you'd call me lame - I'll call you the same Let's take turns and then go in circles No one'll win and that's a real shame!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013

To where?

Board at one of the bus stops on the way to Yakum had an interesting graffiti apart from other bus route information:

Bus No.      Destination
666             Hell

I'd probably also mention the timings with a *usually on time :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little sweet flower
hasn't lost its fragrance -
nor the memories

Continuity of ant-line
seems broken
at the sugar-crossing

Why I love writing (or at least to try writing) such three-liners is, unsurprisingly, a mystery. Well, not really. I will not be arrogant to call my such endeavors as Haikus, for they need to follow a lot of rules. At the same time, I will not shy away from trying to create something that fills me with joy. Thinking and coming up with such experimental word-plays isn't that difficult. My only criterion of success is that such arrangement of words should make the reader paint a picture that is enjoyable. In a way, I take it as a challenge to be as frugal at use of words as possible and yet describe a scene as best as possible.

I have tried many such three-liners, mostly inspired by nature, and how nature connects to emotion. I could explain in details each one of them, but that would defeat the whole purpose and destroy its beauty (if any, in my writing's case).

And perhaps that's why the Japanese invented and mastered that art  - in a truly Zen way!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Let Me Check

American Express is, simply put, an overrated brand to own a credit card from. I have had enough experiences in the "America" when the shops proudly exclaimed "We don't accept that card!" So much for having the "Corporate Card" from American Express.

Today, in Israel, however I had a different kind of experience. Usually I ask up-front if they would accept Amex card, and so I did ask the cashier. "Let me check," he responded. I thought he was going to check with his manager. Instead, he just swiped the card. To my surprise (and perhaps equally to his) the card worked.

Perhaps, it was yet another example of typical Israeli risk taking :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Friday, August 09, 2013

Dexter IS impressive

My first reaction to the them of serial Dexter was - who the hell wants to watch a serial killer as the hero?! I must say, my reaction was a bit premature, as this serial killer is of the Robin Hood kind. A few episodes of the first season under my belt, I think I am hooked to it.

And this is only the second such experience after devouring the 'Downton Abbey'.

I am yet at the first season, so catching up with all the seasons in next few weeks is going to be real fun.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

As we were returning home this afternoon, saw a car stopped almost in the middle of the road. Through the half open window on the driver's side, an empty cigarette pack was dropped on the road.

As we passed that well-polished and bright red car, smoke was already half-escaping out the window.

I doubt if namma Bengaluru city will ever be free of garbage. Of the recycle-able, not-so recycle-able types.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Paths of Glory

Watched "Paths of Glory" a couple of weeks back. Once you have watched it, it's not easy to forget it. Although the background is that of war, one may find many parallels and situations to relate it to.

I read somewhere that there was a serious discussion to convert the film's end into a happy one. However, it was not done that way, and I think that's the high point of the film.

Don't miss it - if you can't find it, borrow from me :)