Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello, Rajesh?

My wife got irritated with this caller who'd address her as certain 'Rajesh'.

The telephone service provider had recycled his long lost connection with this number and happily assigned to my wife. Now this creature of gentlemanly qualities did not bother to inform his well-wishers that he did not own the number any more (well, nobody can 'own' a number, but what the heck!). So, his well-wishers started wishing my wife every now and then.

She, overwhelmed with so many uncalled for good wishes, got very upset and threatened me that she'll stop cooking for good. Now, how could I let that happen!

I decided to pick this well-wisher's call and politely replied, "it's a wrong number, please don't call again." After ten minutes, the phone rang again showing the same caller-id as before.

This time, I added, "please contact Rajesh and ask for his number" (How foolish! But thankfully the other side didn't understand the irony).

"No sir, this is Rajesh's number--I am sure!" came reply from the noisy line.

Now, how do I convince him?!

"Ok sir. Tell me who's calling!"

To my surprise, he stated his name and place where he was calling from.

"Now, tell me sir, what is it?"

"Rajesh?" -- as if he couldn't believe it was Rajesh.

"Yes. Mein Rajesh hi huun"

"Nahin sir, aap Rajesh nahin hein" -- "No sir, you can't be Rajesh"

Bang on! Finally, I was able to convince him that I was not Rajesh, and this number didn't belong to Rajesh.

Before I could express my joy, he had decided to call it quits.

Since then (at least till now) she hasn't had any more well-wishers calling her Rajesh. And I have been enjoying good meals!


Piyush Sarode said...

It happened once with me. The toughest job was to convince caller that i am not the intended person.
And the caller could not speak any language other than kannada :)

Saket said...

LOL :) Thankfully I haven't changed numbers for a while. Problem is that automated systems here always direct me to Calfornia related call-centers and then I spend the next 5 minutes giving the story of my life. ;)

Nice post all the same.