Thursday, September 03, 2009

Are they same?

"Well, you tell me," was my exasperated reply to the annoying call-center lady. But first, let me go over some history here.

As usual it's three O'clock in the afternoon, when I get this call on my landline (deja vu?)

"Sir, I am calling from xyz bank. You have applied for a credit card, eees eeet[sic]?"

"Yes, I have."

"Yeah, OK. This is a confirmation call."

"Well, I got three confirmation calls already, how many times are you going to call me?" I confirm I am annoyed.

"hehe. Sir this is the first time I am calling you!" I get a dip of the intelligence of this alien object.

"Yeah. But---" Signs of give-up are showing.

"Ok. What's your birthdate?" Here you go!

I tell her my birthdate, taking care not to make any mistake.

"Oh. eees eeet?" What do you mean by "oh is it?" but it's a muted moot question that never sees the light of this particular day.

"You're a salaried professional, eees eeet?"
"Yes. I am salaried at any rate"

"What is your residential address?"
"What is your permanent address?"
"What is your office address?"

I address all of the above questions in a professional manner.

A few seconds pass.

"Sir, your office address and residential addresses are different!!!!!!"
"Of course, what do you mean???"
She is amused by my counter-question, and laughs her heart out.
For the next few questions, I can hear a slight laughing undertone in her voice, which irritates me more (I should be proud of the victory, but no.)

At the end of it, she says, "Thank you sir. I'll call you if I need more information".

"Eees eeet?" is what I want to ask, but I give out a feeble smile, and say "Yeah. Anytime!"

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