Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rosemary's Baby

So, how do you make a horror film? Spill some blood, grow a few horrible creatures, throw in some daemons? Or include terrorizing door-bell shots, or add a couple more sequels just for after-taste? No, mister! Take Rosemary's Baby, a 1968 classic for instance.

Mr Roman Polanski (take a bow, sir) can give you a standing lesson in horror film-making. Without a drop of blood on screen, he can create a bloody terrifying film. For one, this horror movie sure keeps your mind occupied, makes you correlate the events the whole of next day. And of course, it can be called an achievement in film making.

Most of the modern horror movies make you either (1) laugh or (2) leave the theater (not out of fear but disgust). This one doesn't let you go; and even when experienced on a small, 29" TV, it gets the blood pumping, and mind racing with anxiety.

Watch the movie, and maybe after that we can have a discussion on the back-links in the movie!

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