Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I am not surprised.

I don't think I didn't have any opinion about the ongoing N-debate. If I go by whatever (little) I read on this matter, I had every reason to believe that the deal was a good deal. At the same time, I was surprised that both the right-and-left wingers were opposed to it. The leftist for the obvious reason that (they believed) India would be on the slavery-path if she signs the pact with the capitalists. The opposition from the right-wingers was something I was surprised with. Of course, there are n number of things I don't understand both from a technical and political perspective, so I didn't mull over it for long. One thing is for sure: the right-wingers saw a (faint) chance of political uncertainty arising out of the drift between the Govt and the Leftists --- an opportunity too precious to let go!

I find it unfortunate that the prime minister had to bow against these tactics to retain the power (at cost of electrical power?). Yet, at the same time, I must re-iterate, I am not surprised.

What I am surprised at is, I don't see either left-wingers or the right-wingers publicly celebrating their success. So far, (please make me aware if you know) I haven't read or heard any big leader coming out and expressing satisfaction after the Prime Minister's decision. On the other hand, I have only heard of criticism of the Prime Minister for bowing to the communists for personal ambitions. I wonder, where these folks were hiding when the Prime Minister was asking for wide-spread support on the N-deal. At the end of this political somersault, the general feeling of dissatisfaction seems to continue. And I think it'll continue till another exciting issue is thrown in. I am sure that the right-wingers are not satisfied because now there seems to be no mid-term elections. I am not sure why the left-wingers are not happy. I must say, it's a somersault from all the angles: earlier, I could not explain right-winger's behaviour, now I cannot explain that of the leftists.

As goes in football, without the wingers' support, a goal is never achieved. I should think it's not so very different in politics too!


Anonymous said...

Well written comments...

Really no one paid attention to why Left wings did not come out with celebration...very good observation !!!

anant said...

Nice football parallel :-)

From what I read, the left's concerns seemed to be genuine. But the right seems to be just playing the role of a general pain in the wrong place.

Probably no one is celebrating because another U-turn is anyday possible.