Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Black Cloud

"You haven't very much respect for my profession, have you, Professor Kingsley?"

"Since it is you who wish for frankness, I will tell you that I have not. I regard politicians rather as I regard the instruments on the dashboard of my car. They tell me what is going on in the engine of the state, but they don't control it."

-- From The Black Cloud, by Fred Hoyle

For all those souls who are bored of reading heavy literature or light international fiction, here is one excellent science fiction. It'll delight the layman who is not-so-much scientifically inclined and will not disappoint for those possessing very high expectations from Sci-Fi's logical integrity. Also, as the whole setup is from the mid-sixties and that too in England, highest quality of English on the whole is guaranteed.

Definitely, a three and half star rating!

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