Friday, April 06, 2007

Just for Gags

The high-profile meeting of BCCI did happen today morning through to afternoon in Mumbai, and as the predictable outcome of it, Dravid is most likely to retain the captaincy.

To deny the news channel of a chance to add oil to already burning fire, BCCI rightly kept the journalists away, and has gone to the extent of asking the players, manager and out-going coach to keep mum. The gag orders have come in the light of much speculations about what may have gone on in the meeting. The official statement mandates the players, manager and the coach not to send the official reports to the ever-eager media in any form- e-mail, fax, etc. etc.

Considering the previous super-hit news story of Greg Chappel sending text-message to one senior journalist, I am surprised that the board did not include text-message as a form to be banned for communications with the media!

What? Somebody mentioned telepathy? Well, BCCI-- add that too, please!

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