Thursday, April 05, 2007

As close as it gets

England lost to Sri Lanks by 2 runs last night. If you ask me what's the main reason of the loss, I would point my fingers at Mr. Sajid Mahmood, who bowled a dreadful last over in Sri Lanka innings. No denying that three wickets fell in that over, but look at the three wides and one no-ball that he bowled. That was far from professional, and another professional side, Sri Lanka punished England for that.

If you're wondering, 'only if he knew it would go to the wire and eventually result in a defeat by 2 runs, he would have rather conceded two singles than bowling two extra deliveries,' you can't be blamed. But, like life, in cricket, there are no ifs and buts!

(If there were any, India would have qualified for the second round for sure!)

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