Friday, March 16, 2007


It is remarkable (for better or worse?) that people, over time, change so much that they start behaving exactly the same way which they had criticized, or even abused!

If it happens for what's called as greater common good: nobody would mind. But when you meet someone who once shared your (critical) opinions about a bad behavioral trait, and you find he has started behaving the same way, you can't help but find it remarkable.

You even wonder, if you also were supposed to change the same way so as to match that person's change. You wonder, if anything is wrong with yourself, for that's the thing you could do yourself!

But, when you regroup your thoughts, you realize that your opinions are still the right ones. And, as a general rule, right things don't need to be changed, unless you want to better them! It also strengthens your belief that you don't do good things to show off and succeed in turn, but you do it right from your heart, which means you'd continue to excel on your own...

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