Saturday, February 17, 2007

No greeting (the) card!

Every football match I watch, I find myself wondering upon the same thing. Whenever a player is booked for a yellow card for rash play, ('unsporting behaviour' is the official term for the same) the player without exception puts up an argument. His teammates join him soon. It is pretty clear that the referee is not going to take back his decision and there is hardly any point in arguing. I guess every soul that's watching the match knows this. All the players, including the victim knows this. Yet, he puts up his little fight. In hope of nothing at best. I wonder why!

I guess, the argument is for the formality's sake. Perhaps it is a process. Well, just for the heck of it maybe it needs to be followed.

So be it, then...

To prove my hypothesis, I am eagerly awaiting to watch a booking incident when the yellow carded player accepts the card with a genuine regret...

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