Sunday, November 26, 2006

Strand Book Stall - the annual sale '06

The last year's Strand Book Stall's annual sale of books suffered from want of space, or rather unimaginative use of ample space at the Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Much to the book lovers' satisfaction, this year's Strand Book Stall's annual book sale at the same venue is very impressive. Not just for the arrangement of the books in well organised manner, but also the classification of books in three separate halls. If you are a photography or architecture book buff, you can have your quiet time browsing through the books in Hall 1. To book lovers like me, who have taken to literary addiction, can spend hours in the Hall 2 and Hall 3.

The book collection is quite exhaustive - from the century classics to contemporary writing, one may find many titles to his or her own liking. I found myself three titles-

The sale is on for two more weekends to come. Leisurely browsing is definitely recommended!

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