Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Ashes

Australian cricket team and Roger Federer are two playing geniuses that are ruling the world of sport today. One may argue to include Tiger Woods' name to this list, but in the world of Golf, there are other maestros who have given Tiger enough competitive trouble.

When it comes to Test cricket, until last year Australia were undisputed champions. In the 2005 Ashes series, England put up a magnificent display, and playing clever cricket, defeated Australia 2-1 in the home series. As the Legend of Ashes goes, England regained the ashes of their cremated cricketing spirit after a long gap of more than ten years. This year, they have embarked on another quest to regain the holy urn. And the quest looks terribly difficult.

A die-hard England fan may may find excuses that England are touring Down Under without the skills of Micheal Vaughan and Simone Jones, the duo who played very important roles in the last year's triumph. Australia are also enjoying the benefit of home support. On the other hand, the Barmy Army of England supporters is already feeling the heat, as their chief was ejected from the 'Gabba for blowing the trumpet. Injuries or returns from injuries for the England players is not helping either. All in all, even before the series began, the England team had enough worries of their own.

Australia, on the other hand from the recent victory at The Champions Trophy, are as upbeat as ever. With plenty of talent waiting in the wings, and plenty of senior, seasoned-to-victory players hungry for the win, Australia are looking confident of regaining the Ashes.

I would not dwell too much upon the present state of Brisbane series opener, as it has not ended yet. I would reserve my opinion till the last ball is bowled, bails removed for the last time, and the result declared.

Wait and watch: whoever wins, the true Test Cricket fan is in for a treat!

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