Saturday, November 11, 2006

Me and them

Whenever there is an international summit or bilateral talks, news channels show two leaders greeting each other, saying a few words to each other. I have always wondered what kind of talk they must be having in such meetings.

Do these meetings start with 'open issues' and then move on to 'status,' or is it that the leaders in chief talk for a while and leave the matter to their subordinates? I have always had such curious questions about celebrities or world leaders, or even famous historic figures.

  • Does a leader like Tony Blair take time out to watch his favourite program on BBC?
  • Does Gen. Musharraf visit his favourite kebab place on every visit to Lahore?
  • Does Aishwarya Rai paint her nails herself?
  • Does Shane Warne's mom pat on his back upon every five-for?
  • Does Dr. Manmohan Singh like Parle-G biscuits, or does he prefer cookies?
  • Does Arundhanti Roy like Garfield comic?

I am sure all these great personalities must have their own ways of doing things.

They wouldn't forget the key in door lock (like I did today!) before going out. They wouldn't have to stand in long queues to fill air in bike tyres. A fan sitting next to them wouldn't spill coffee on them. They would always have change when the auto driver asks for; and suchlike.

All this excitement is for the ordinary-people class, which I am proud to be member of!

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