Sunday, October 29, 2006

Being Responsible

I think captain Rahul Dravid made a very good statement in saying that the toss, the wicket conditions, although important factors; can not decide the fate of the match. It is only the team's performance in the field that wins or loses the match.

There have been many discussions (worth a gossip over tea) about the number 3 batting position or the balance of the team playing only one spinner. Given X as the team, Y as the weather/wicket conditions, and Z as the opponent, is the team X competent enough to win, is the question. Yeah, and given, of course, A and B as the umpires.

Considering the recent performance of the team, as well as that of most of the individuals who constitute the team, I wonder if the team needs a complete overhaul. They seem too low on confidence, and nothing seems to go their way. Injuries to some of the key players hasn't helped either. I support the experimentation employed by the coach, but is it really working as it should? Where are the results? And are they expected results? Where is the discipline in the way the team is playing? But for the five-six wayward deliveries in the last match against the West Indies, the match would have proven even more interesting. The growing number of extras is very indication of indiscipline. Letting off the pressure has been the team's chronic shortcoming. In each department, one can see a large number of places to improve. I am sure the coach and the captain, and more importantly, the players themselves would be aware of these things; and must be working towards a constant improvement. It is only the agonizing delay in score-sheet results that has fans like me frustrated. I hope and wish the team's efforts bear fruits at the right time. And the right time is not too long; before the '07 world cup kicks off.

On one of the news channels, a survey was being taken--

Q. Who is responsible for India team's defeat against the West Indies?
1. Rahul Dravid 2. Sachin Tendulkar 3. Ajit Agarkar 4. Suresh Raina

SMS your preferences (!) to SOME NUMBER.

I was disappointed as I did not see the correct answer in the four options.

And the correct answer is Mandira Bedi. How on earth could they miss this obvious choice?

You do agree with me, don't you?

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