Friday, October 20, 2006

Back then...

Back then, cricketers used to be cricketers, exceptional atheletes; and celebrities in a silent, elegent way.

Back then, cricketers used to be our heroes. And not superstars.

Back then, cricket used to be a five day dual (or the shortened, one day version). And not a background event shadowed by a show of endless glitzy glamour.

Back then, cricket used to induce inspiration. Without a necessity of exaggerated philosophy.

Back then, cricket was like cool stream water. Very unlike the fizzy; calorie-less coloured soda.

Back then pitch report and players' forms were perhaps enough to predict the outcome. Today, we need crystal ball readers (one with poor English).

Back then, people used to storm the field upon the fall of last wicket. And not shout meaningless slogans.

Back then, cricketers wore white silky attire spotted by dive induced earth patches.

Back then, white were the team colours. Today, shadowed by the lady commentator's wardrobe extraordinaire.

Back then, two innings were good enough.
Back then, cricketers didn't need any extra innings.

Every time I watch this pathetic program (because I want to listen what John Wright is saying), I am disappointed at the sorry state of sport analysis programs. More so, as I watch the "Race Day" or the EPL match previews; and expect similart quality from Cricket match pre-telecasts also.

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