Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quite a bit of reading

Bought the following books over the weekend -

White Fang By Jack London
Out of My Comfort Zone By Stephen Waugh
Captain Corelli's mandolin By Louis De Berneires

Now looking forward to ~2 months and more than 1000 pages of exciting reading!

Completed Liza Of Lambeth, W Somerset Maugham's first novel. It deserves a full post, which I'll do sometime later.

Read Ramachandra Guha's article in last Sunday's The Hindu. He speaks of hazards of prediction. His analysis of John Wain's views about (then) contemporary Indian english literature is quite interesting. And his conclusion,
[...] no one can claim anymore that Indian writing in English lacks "nuance", or that it does not qualify as "literature"
is true too, to be least faithful with my own judgement.

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