Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Drink

Well, this post is somewhat different. This is to declare that, -- hold your breath --,

I have taken to drinking.

Yes, to drinking, but not to drinking intoxicating, alcoholic liquids, but milk! Recently they have introduced a new 'health-conscious' drink at the cafeteria of the company. And to tell frankly, I am loving it. The taste is exquisite. It resembles to "Energy," again, a milk drink which I remember from my childhood. I do not know if that non-glamorous brand is still alive or not. Yet, Amul Cool milk will do in its place. The Kesar flavour is my favourite. At a correct temperature (of the milk) and correct temperature (of your head) this milk tastes, as its name suggests, Cool. It comes at a really affordable price of ten rupees. Also, the glass bottle (and not a plastic one) will suit the environmentalist in you.

What else can I write about it?

Whole 200 mililitres of it contain 184 calories in all, 63 from fat, etc. etc.

Yeah, and no hangover guaranteed.

That's that! And MS Dhoni would be proud.

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