Wednesday, August 16, 2006


"There is nothing poetic about dying,"

We heard Eric Bana's Hector telling this to his younger brother Paris in Troy.

When one watches Eric Bana as Avner in Munich, one can't help but compare him to Hector from Troy. I'd say both these performances have been wonderful, although I liked Hector much better than Avner.

The whole story of Troy is tragic, and so is of Munich. It starts with the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes, and what follows after that is one tragic tale of revenge. Based on [some] true incidents that took place, this film surely takes us to a different world. Terrorism is planned, and so is anti-terrorism. People involved are marked and eliminated, and then their successors assume the role of the deceased.

"We cut nails - but they grow back, don't they?" is the reply to Avner, after he has accomplished his mission to assassinate the brains behind the massacre; but truly, nothing has changed.

Spielberg has got his target- the viewer has understood the horrors of terrorism, and sadly, also the fate of the battle against it. Or at least that's the way I saw it in this film.

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