Saturday, August 05, 2006


Only the other day, this interesting conversation happened over tea-

Characters involved were a couple of colleague-friends in office and of course myself-

"You still have got the virus problem on your machine?" - me

"Yeah, I still have it. It is intermittent though," -the infected colleague.

"I hope it is not contagious," -me

We are all connected to the network whole day.

"I don't know really...,"

"Who sits next to you? Ask him to be careful!"

The humourous conversation did end at this point. One can't be blamed if (s)he says, "What a bland joke," or one may marvel at how technology-illiterate we have been. All that is justified.

Yet, what mattered the most was, we all just enjoyed with a good laugh.

One doesn't need world class humour-literature to smile. Isn't it?

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