Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Without me

At times I wonder what this world was without me. What entity filled my place in that world? Was there a void? Did people really miss me then? These are very silly questions, I know, but then no question is silly enough, is it?

Well, when I was not there, these questions wouldn't have mattered!

If you reconsider these questions, with the past tense changed to future, they do matter. If I ask, what would this world be like when I am gone? Or, what entity will fill my place in that world? In what way will the people miss me? When I am gone?

But then, really, how would it matter: to me, that is. I will not even be there to know.

With this discussion going on in my mind, I met with a dead end. It was quick, rather painless. There was no time to think about all the above. But there was enough time to feel: to feel the end. To realise that there was not going to be anything after that moment...

End is something beyond which there is nothing. Absolutely nothing!

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