Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lights the bulb of your brains!

I assume that most of the readers (at least of those located in India) have seen the Mentos, Dimaakh kI battI jalaa dein advertisement. A professor (or is he a lecturer?) is taking mathematics class, when the Hero of the story tries to enter. The class has already begun and most probably half-way through. I guess the attendance has not been taken yet, and hence the interest shown by the Hero to enter the class. The professor is furious at his entry and orders him out of the class.

Change of scene -

The Hero decides to trust the powers of Mentos (is it a chewing gum brand?) and starts chewing one. At the very moment the neurons in his brain decide to come up with idea extraordinaire. As a result of that the Hero walks backwards inside the class and pretends as if he is heading out. The teacher is angry at this (also) and orders him to sit down and pay attention to what's being taught.

So, the moral of the story is, if you chew Mentos, you are bound to (or supposed to?) come up with enlightening ideas to change your lives.

So, all along what nonsense have I written about? Why have I wasted my precious key-strokes in describing a widely-known advertisement?

Well, the script that I described above is known to most of the readers, I agree.

Yet, how many of them have really noticed what the teacher is teaching to the class? There you go - I can sense heads being scratched and sighs being let out.

The readers will do well in watching the advertisement carefully next time around: The professor is actually teaching the rules of addition to the class! And the class is full of exuberant youth!

Kindly excuse me. As, when I don't have much going on in my mind, I spend time noticing things. The above happened to be just one of many such!

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